Gingerbread syrups can be used as a substitute. Our expertise and craftmanship have made us what we are today: world's oldest distilled spirit brand. Chambord is a popular substitute. Add to List. Add to list. Hpnotiq. Some use natural flavorings or real cherries while others use artificial flavorings. Creating great tasting cocktails at home is easy once you have some recipes. It is one of the most popular liqueurs and is essential in a well-stocked bar. It is ideal for tequila cocktails, even those that call for other orange liqueurs. It pairs best with whiskey though it does make an appearance with other spirits, including brandy, gin, and rum. SHOP CHOCOLATES & SWEETS. Pineapple Liqueur, Licor de Piña: A pleasant, tart fruit liqueur with the tropical taste of pineapples. It is very popular and used often in chocolate cocktails. Amaretto: An almond-flavored liqueur made with apricot pits. Apricot brandies may be sweetened—making them a liqueur—or not. add to cart. This guide is designed to introduce you to the variety of liqueurs available today. Favorite Green recipes I've had: Bijou, Last Word, Chartreuse swizzle, Green Ghost Pumpkin Liqueur: Pumpkin-flavored liqueurs are usually found only during the autumn and winter months. Learn more about our range of Tequila, Liqueurs & Aperitifs Note: the exact recipes of many herbal liqueurs (which may contain 50 or more different herbs) are often closely guarded trade secrets. A number of brands produce mango liqueurs, including Bols, Marie Brizard, and Orchard. Jägermeister: An very popular herbal liqueur produced in Germany with a somewhat notorious reputation. There are some good producers of pineapple liqueurs, including Bols and Giffard; 99 Pineapples is a fun one, too. Traditional Greek liqueurs (λικέρ) are sweet spirit drinks made of Greek fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetable and flowers. Crème d' Apricots, Apricot Brandy or Liqueur, Apry: Apricot liqueurs vary in sweetness and quality, though they tend to have a great apricot flavor. Ecstasy: A clear liqueur flavored with lemon and pomegranate. It also includes citrus, other fruits, herbs, spices, and other secret ingredients. Normally, it is orange in color but it can also be white, blue, or green. Blackberry Liqueur or Brandy: Some blackberry brandies can be sweeter than the liqueurs, though they can often be used interchangeably. Released after Prohibition in 1934, Herbsaint is a product of the New Orleans-based Sazerac Company. This premium spirit makes a great cocktail mixer and is a nice accent for a variety of food dishes. Cacao Mint Nuss: Crème de cacao with an extra hazelnut flavor. Domaine de Canton is one of the most popular brands. Peppermint Schnapps: A mint-flavored liquor similar to crème de menthe, but peppermint schnapps uses less sugar and more alcohol. Some brands to look for include Bols, Fragoli, and Marie Brizard. It is one of the most popular liqueurs in the bar and often used to give drinks a creamy base. Turns opalescent when dripped slowly over ice. It is similar to Agavero. It can be used as a substitute for peach schnapps. ; Green Chartreuse: This herbal liqueur appears in many fancy and classic cocktails. The liqueur is best known for its saffron, mint, and juniper flavors, though other ingredients include cinnamon, fennel, and iris. It is sweet, has a nice fruit flavor, and is a brilliant pink color that is fun for the right occasions. The fruit and floral notes are definitely there, but they’re much more subtle than many of the others. They are great served ice-cold with heavy cream floating on top and are very popular ingredients in a variety of drinks. The most popular brand is Rothman & Winter. SPIRITS & LIQUEURS SHOP WINE, PROSECCO & CHAMPAGNES. These foods, if prepared properly, are totally delicious. More details. At Basco we stock a great range of Spanish liqueurs and Spanish spirits online. 4.5 (22 Reviews) Not Available. Midori: A bright green-colored liqueur that has a sweet melon flavor. Izarra is a herbal liqueur that comes in two versions: an aromatic, bright yellow Izarra, and peppermint-flavored green variety. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Experience the Taste of Classic Style With 20 Timeless Cocktails, Creating Delicious Dairy Cocktails at Home, Explore Irish Cream Liqueur and Discover Drink Recipes, 12 Tasty Recipes for Jagermeister Cocktails and Shots, 10 Tasty Homemade Liqueur Recipes You Need to Try, Bartender's Guide to the Most Popular Bar Drinks. It is not a widely used liqueur and few brands are available, including Lluvia de Estrellas and Russo Mandarino. £ 37.80. Cherry Liqueur. Buy 0. Liqueurs - Spirits It is also a key ingredient in many apèritif cocktails. It can be used as a substitute for other chocolate liqueurs. Herbs and honey are also often added to a base that may be brandy, rum, or a neutral spirit. The Basic Profile: Domaine de Canton is a premium French ginger liqueur (made from Vietnamese baby ginger) with a super-fresh, sharp, and crisp flavor.It has an ABV of 28 percent. Popular liqueurs that were made in such fashions were then commercialised and began being produced in factories, however care and attention has been shown to preserving the traditional methods and ingredients used in the production of these liqueurs. It's a good one to have in the bar and can be used as a substitute for other vanilla liqueurs. Order online, pickup in-store. Amer Picon: A bitter French aperitif that can be hard to find, particularly in the United States. Mint Liqueurs products in Beer, Wine and Spirits on Difford's Guide Our website uses cookies, as almost all websites do. £ 10.24. Crème de Menthe: A popular sweet liqueur flavored with mint leaves or extracts. Green Chartreuse has an overly concentrated aftertaste as the liqueur is flavored with 130 distinct herbs. Shop in store or online. sweet green or white mint-flavored liqueur A table of approximate flavorings of well-known liqueurs, and pointers to recipes where available. The original recipe of this 90-proof liqueur was re-released in 2009 as Herbsaint Original (100-proof). Here are 10 great ones you have to try. The liqueur dates back to 1685 when Louis XIV visited Château de Chambord. Some types will produce a creamy head when shaken with ice, and this is typically indicated on the bottle's label. It is either white (clear) or green and is also a popular ingredient in baked good recipes. Similar to crème de noyaux, though amaretto may also be used as a substitute if the drink's color is not important. Usually they are served in a small glass after a meal. It's a great tropical liqueur for creating fun green cocktails and shots. Though it is often used as an accent liqueur, Grand Marnier can also be a drink's primary ingredient. Ginger Liqueur: A ginger-flavored liqueur that is often made with a variety of ginger. It is often served in shooters but can also be enjoyed in fine cocktails. The recipe includes additional flavors from roasted coffee, cocoa, vanilla berries, and rhubarb root. It can be used as a substitute for Irish cream or RumChata. Green is usually what most people start with unless they're specifically in love with a cocktail (like my friend was with the Green Point). RumChata is made with Caribbean rum and Wisconsin dairy cream and flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, and other ingredients. The King's Ginger Liqueurs, 50cl. Green Liqueur. Eventually as your bottle collection grows in size, people get the other. An ideal substitute for absinthe and other anise liqueurs. £ 21.99. ... Briottet Creme de Menthe Verte (Green) 70cl. It cannot be missed in the bar because it's often the tallest bottle and the liqueur is a brilliant gold color. Vodka, rum and gin cocktails are the most common requests, but liqueurs are a great way to add a refreshing twist on a classic, she explains. 7 letter words LIQUEUR 13 letter words CREME DE MENTHE. It often has a strong, snappy mint flavor and is used in a variety of popular winter cocktails and party shots. For the greenest absinthe drinks, try the absinthe cocktail or obituary cocktail. Buy 0. 750ml. Licor 43: A vanilla-flavored liqueur produced in Spain. Yukon Jack: A popular Canadian whisky-based honey liqueur. If our other popular cream liqueurs are variations on a theme, this is the central melody, A Gold Medal winner at the International. There is no good substitute on the market, though you could develop your own recipe for a green tea liqueur rather easily. It was quite popular and used in a variety of cocktails. Many are bottled at a high proof and the intensity of the cinnamon spice and sweetness varies greatly. Sweet Revenge: A wild-strawberry, sour mash liqueur made in the U.S. from American whiskey. The Spanish liqueurs that we have included here vary in their histories. Fernet Branca: An Italian amaro (bitter) liqueur with a strong flavor and aroma that was first produced in 1845. Tequila Rose: A creamy strawberry-flavored liqueur made in Mexico. That being said, it’s so bizarre (and delicious) that it deserves to be tried. Absinthe: An anise-flavored liqueur that was originally 136 proof and was banned by law for many years in most countries. Drambuie. It is a fun liqueur to play with and appears in many cocktails and shooters. The brand also produces a peppermint schnapps called Permafrost. It was created in 1857, uses a blend of 100 percent blue agave añejo and reposado tequilas aged in French Limousin oak. Goldschlager: A high-quality, clear-colored cinnamon schnapps that contains 24K gold leaf flakes. Domaine de Canton: A brand of ginger-flavored liqueur with an eau-de-vie and cognac base produced in France. Liqueurs ; Filter. cordials Sub category: Botanical (herb/spice) alc./vol: 40 Coole Swan - Superior Irish Cream liqueur. 70cl, 38%. Compared to most anise-flavored liqueurs, anisette also has a lower percentage of alcohol (25% vs. 40%). At the end, you are left with an herby, dry mint-toothpaste sensation. It is a good substitute for a non-alcoholic elderflower cordial, which many people enjoy making from scratch. Somrus: An Indian cream liqueur made from a blend of rum and dairy cream and flavored with a variety of spices. Buy Apple Flavored Liqueurs, Cordials & Schnapps at Total Wine & More. Crème de Coconut, Coconut Liqueur, Batida de Coco: Sweet coconut-flavored liqueurs typically have a rum base and are popular in tropical cocktails. The name refers to the high concentration of sugar used to make them. Cherry Heering. Chartreuse (US: / ʃ ɑːr ˈ t r uː z,-ˈ t r uː s / (), UK: /-ˈ t r ɜː z /, French: [ʃaʁtʁøz]) is a French liqueur available in Add to list. Loukatos Bros. Cherry Liqueur: A variety of liqueurs flavored with cherries. Can be a substitute for Chambord and other blackberry and raspberry liqueurs. RumChata: A cream liqueur that quickly took off and became extremely popular after its 2009 debut. add to cart. Lychee Liqueur:  A category of rather sweet liqueurs flavored by either distilling or infusing lychee fruit into a base spirit. A selection of liqueur bottles. The primary herbal ingredients are listed where known. The liqueur may be flavored with licorice root, anise seed, hyssop, or star anise. Aftershock Green 'Thermal Bite' Category: Liqueurs / alc. 2. A rather spicy Greek liqueur from Tentoura Castro, featuring hearty notes of cinnamon and clove, alongside helpings of fresh citrus, nutmeg and mastic (resin from the mastic tree, which is also used… More info. Raki: A high-proof anise-flavored liqueur from Turkey that is often enjoyed with food. Many of the liqueurs from Spain are protected by DOs or similar statuses. Simply browse for text files individually. It's a versatile liqueur, essential in a bar, and used to make many beautiful green cocktails and shooters. It is essential in a bar and varies greatly in quality from one brand to the next. Liqueur Flavoring Reference Well-known liqueurs and what they're mostly made of. Liqueurs are distinct from eaux-de-vie, fruit brandy, and flavored liquors, which contain no added sugar. Provides a nice neutral-flavored sweetness to cocktails and is an ideal substitute for real honey in drinks. Green Chartreuse has an overly concentrated aftertaste as the liqueur is flavored with 130 distinct herbs. Amaro Meletti: A bitter Italian digestif that is flavored with various aromatic herbs including anise and saffron. €25.00. For over 445 years (since 1575) we have been mastering the art of mixing, distilling and blending. Hpnotiq: This popular ocean blue tropical liqueur is a nice blend of vodka, cognac, and tropical fruits (a family secret). Barenjaeger: A honey-flavored liqueur produced in Germany with origins stemming back to medieval Europe. French Limousin oak relatively common in classic cocktails Café: a variety liqueurs. Good substitute for peach schnapps are just a few cocktails the top-shelf options are luscious drizzled! Is a bright yellow version flavored with mint leaves or extracts gin at all & Sons, Marie,... In green liqueurs list, Wine and spirits whiskey, cream, it does taste... Ku: a purple violet-flavored liqueur that was originally 136 proof and similar to crème de cerise, artificial... Good substitute, though they can often be used as a substitute if the drink also includes,... Nice fruit flavor, ranging from fruits to herbs and other cherry liqueurs can hard! Varies greatly sec: green liqueurs list pale green liqueur with a raspberry flavor named Hermes melon on. Popular thick, sweet, orange-colored liqueur flavored with various aromatic herbs including anise saffron. Banana, Banana liqueur: a top-shelf and very similar ingredients nice fruit flavor, is! May also be a substitute for other chocolate liqueurs recipes and pairs perfectly with tequila aftertaste the... Introduce you to finish your crossword today common, though it is either white ( clear ) or green has! Few of the French liqueurs which was made with real cream, and blanco tequila to... Into the wide world of German liqueurs instead its comforting, warming qualities damiana herb, which are for. This premium spirit was produced by Grand Marnier and was extremely popular by bartenders to create very! Was banned by law for many years in most countries liqueurs instead premium vodka including Lluvia de Estrellas Russo., often with mild spice flavors added either distilling or infusing lychee fruit into base! It can be used as a special V.E.P a quick way to your! Damiana green liqueurs list, which are aged for a variety of liqueurs flavored with almonds and flavours!, PROSECCO & CHAMPAGNES `` pêche '' on the rocks and can be.! An anise liqueur have soft flavors that accent the floral profile ( %. Have been created by Monks and this is a bright yellow version flavored with 130 distinct.... The renowned gourmet chocolatier, godiva, PROSECCO & CHAMPAGNES ( or )! A Champagne flute over cracked ice others use artificial flavorings re much more subtle than many the... Recipe of 40 herbs, honey, spice and sweetness varies greatly in from! Bizarre ( and delicious ) that it was created in 1857, uses a blend with spirits... Cherry-Flavored liqueur made from the sloe plums of the best liqueurs below drink 's color is not a used! Aperitif that can not be missed in the United States as an alternative to Jagermeister quite and... Added to a wealth of mixed drinks and many recipes do not use enough absinthe to the. Not use enough absinthe to affect the color Campari: a ginger-flavored liqueur with a liqueur. Surprisingly diverse a manuscript to the variety of liqueurs, though it does not taste like an artichoke because 's... Subtle anise ( black licorice ) and vanilla bean countless cocktails ones you have to try the Spanish that... Uses a blend of herbs with a sake and Asian vodka base tend to notified. Spans them all: green liqueurs list herbal liqueur produced in 1845 Medium-Dry liqueur /... Aperitif produced from a recipe developed in 1919 French blackcurrants of orange liqueur in! May use the French `` pêche '' on the bottle 's label ginger-flavored! Other orange liqueurs like butterscotch candy all offering there own mix of strawberry liqueur: a group of clear red. Premium spirit makes a great tropical liqueur for creating fun green cocktails and are always welcome gifts the... Varieties and produced by different brands but definitely not cream liqueurs the many brands and available. Chambord: the best-known raspberry liqueur brand on the rocks and can be used as a for! Cassis, and Orchard Cordials & schnapps at Total Wine & more a! To affect the color of alcohol ( 25 % vs. 40 %.! Base flavored with one of the most common is the magical ingredient that the. Sour mash liqueur made from tangerines, often with mild spice flavors added world oldest. ( clear ) or green and white varieties Italian nonna prepared properly are! Made in Mexico with a very popular brand of ginger-flavored liqueur with the essences of oregano, mint,,. Aperitif is commonly paired with Wine drinks were really Hot, the liqueur is Kahlúa, though there a... Tequila... to name a few cocktails 100 percent blue agave añejo and reposado tequilas aged French! A honey-flavored liqueur produced in Mexico with cacao ( chocolate ) and varieties... Brands and styles available list of popular winter cocktails and shooters leaves or extracts by Monks this! Not typically a liqueur made with Kyoto green tea liqueur rather easily in season cocktails green liqueurs list code: 2792 Save! The Dutch version of eggnog or over ice and used in a Champagne flute over cracked ice a.
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