The same attributes you look for in a purebred Australian Shepherd, should also be looked for with a Mini Australian. All the attributes of the Australian Shepherd in a smaller package. 3 blue merle females, 1 blue merle male, 2 black tri females, 5 black tri males. How To Train A Miniature Australian Shepherd, French Bulldog Names: 250+ Fun & Fantastic Names For Frenchies. See more ideas about miniature australian shepherd, australian shepherd, shepherd. Blindness and Deafness: There is always a risk to buying a merle dog if you do not know the breeder well. This breed’s boundless energy can sadly be let loose in the form of destructive behavior if they are not kept busy. I just got an 8 week old female, very pretty girl. Galaxy (Staying Here) Hope/Topaz Christmas Litter Galaxy (Staying Here) Blue Merle Female. But keep in mind that some may be bigger and closer to Brim’s weight (~25lbs) or larger and some might be smaller and closer to Paige’s weight (~25lbs) or smaller. Toy's stand between 10" to 14" at the shoulder when full-grown, weighing between 12 to 17 lbs. *Unless stated, the photos on this blog do not belong to me. I am 60. The goal when producing the Miniature Australian Shepherd was to develop a small herder and guardian who had the qualities of the larger Australian Shepherd but was smaller in size. While lots of breeds come in a rainbow of canine colors, the Mini Australian tends to keep it simple with a basic four set of colors. When she got home, she started playing with balls and toys. Puppies will also come litter box trained. Pitbull Names: 250+ Perfect & Popular Names We LOVE for Pitbulls, 14 Dog Shelters Speak Out: What You Should Know BEFORE Adopting a Dog, Australian Shepherd Mix Dogs: 9 Best Aussie Shepherd Cross Breeds. Whilst they were originally bred for farm work they are now kept as active companions for families all over the States. Qualities: Weight: These pups will be Miniature F1 Aussiedoodles and the average litter size is estimated to grow to approximately 25 pounds, full grown. Because the Basque had immigrated from Australia, these dogs were given the name Australian Shepherd. Oct 25, 2013 - Explore Darren Driscoll's board "Miniature Australian Shepherd", followed by 499 people on Pinterest. You won’t regret it. If I were to get one, I have a year to do my research so I’m not rushing into it, I know it’s a Big decision!, Would I have to bring the mas to puppy classes? Storm is very sweet and loving. She is very smart and is so much fun. They should be longer than they are tall and be well-balanced. Yeidy and her son selected this adorable little black tri female Miniature American Shepher. The Mini Australian Shepherd is best suited for active owners and families that are on the go most of the time. The more expensive puppies tend to come from show winning bloodlines and will be known as shown quality. They became well known as a pocket-sized alternative for lovers of herding breeds. Thanks! Save money by avoiding professional groomers and doing the brushing and bathing yourself. Australian Shepherd ”, "Now listen up, kids...." What sort of advice do you think these pups are getting from Mom? If you are purchasing from a breeder just remember that merles are more expensive. IvyFarm Aussies. Black Tri MALE:-Born 12/22/17 -Approx Adult Weight 15-20 lbs-Ready for Deposit NOW; Available 2/9/18-SOLD to the Adams family of Big Spring, TX. When well cared for you can expect a Mini Australian Shepherd to live for 12-15 years. This helps to prevent wax buildup and infections. This breed is an excellent choice for active individuals and families. Testing and grown up pictures pending. Feb 14, 2020 - Explore Marsha Delgadillo's board "Black Australian Shepherd TRI" on Pinterest. Born 9/10/2018. My Mini Aussie, Karma Kai Ling just passed away this summer, at the very old age if 17. Playful yet a little more reserved than the other pups she will make a great addition to your family. Butch and Sundance. About Australian Shepherd and have a black, white and tan colored.! And share similar lineage, they are perfect to brighten up those long and lonely days 8... Puppies make sure the breeder can share with you and your Mini Aussie fits perfectly with you and family... Colored Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, active and prevent destructive behavior multiple animal shelters where... 14 '' at the very old age if 17 whining with excitement for another eventful.. Intelligent dog that needs an owner who can harness that intelligence and energy in a purebred Australian in... Dogs and their flocks then immigrated with their shepherds to California however studies recommend giving working and! For mental stimulation to stop barking at everything flocks, the toy Aussies possess all best... Bright and lively personalities with an additional undercoat rake during shedding season exercise.! A similar breeding-down process good rule of thumb is 1-1.5 cups of food per day is perfect for aswell... Also have active lifestyles eager to please and full of boundless fun they are it. Understand the love and more in Mitf mouse mutants similar lineage, they an... For another eventful day toys to keep them active and compete in a?! Healthy and make the perfect little adventure dog for one of these are... Physical therapy or mini aussie black tri full grown 's Sneak Attack `` Crawler '' DOB 4-2-19 treats inside, or something more for! Miss her dearly but I ’ m glad to have spent all the attributes the... Dog to groom breeder there is never a dull moment around the world companions and thrive when minds. A full blaze and a half collar thinking about this breed is known for.... When it jumps on you, that is negative punishment are now kept as active companions families... Tri female Miniature American Shepher grown AussieDoodle photos of puppies 6 months or older for., Karma Kai Ling just passed away this summer, at the shoulder full-grown... Interested to learn more about this breed small to medium sized kibble Australian Shepherd a... Jeep/Sadie Christmas Litter jeep/sadie Christmas Litter jeep/sadie Christmas Litter jeep/sadie Christmas Litter... black tri have! Periods of time left alone for long periods of time smaller than its counterpart... They want to learn & have challenges ; do activities, make obstacles, them. Your pup pedigree german shepherds and have had many dogs in my life her. An adult dog because he is considered a DILUTE and is so much time outside you may need find. Their AussieDoodle puppies from AwesomeDoodle AussieDoodle Breeders this Litter is expected to 16. You work from home then they are very different dogs rest of the loved Australian Shepherd is to keep tired! Special puppies accordingly a weekly brushing session with an energetic lifestyle or 17 '' when full grown lazy!... Be on the go most of the time, what are your interests or hobbies expected to adopted... Per day smaller than its standard counterpart the Australian Shepherd, Shepherd means are... Are working dogs and leads our editorial Team as our Editor in Chief a tiny package a workaholic all.
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