The Next option is to search the thrift stores and Pawn shops in your area if there are any. CARVER MXR 130 MAGNETIC FIELD AM FM STEREO RECEIVER 130W POWER AMP PREAMP, PIONEER SX-1050 STEREO RECEIVER NEAR MINT, SANSUI 9090 STEREO RECEIVER AMP MONSTER POWER NO RESERVE, Pioneer SX-950 Stereo Receiver Very Good Overall Condition, Champagne Engraved Marantz 2230- Re-lamped and Serviced- Great Unit. We Specialize in Vintage Stereo Equipment, High-end Audio Systems, Speaker Repair Guitar amps (tube and solid state). I’ve played an LP through it using the Phono 1 input jacks as well as a CD using Tape input jacks. Why don’t I ever see a Sherwood S-8000 IV ? DeWick Repairs. !29/8/2012$300.00TandbergBEAUTIFUL TANDBERG TR 2040 FM STEREO RECEIVER WOOD PANELS NORWAY1011/07/2013$300.00SansuiSansui Eight Deluxe Receiver812/03/2013$301.00PioneerBeautiful Pioneer SX-980121/20/2013$301.01Bang OlufsenBANG&OLUFSEN BEOMASTER 4400 RECEIVER IN EXCELLENT CONDITION1412/02/2013$301.99BoseBOSE MODEL-108787 SPATIAL CONTROL RECEIVER 100 WATTS PER CH NR2512/13/2013$301.99MarantzWORKING MARANTZ STEREOPHONIC RECIEVER MODEL #2245 WOODEN CASED89/5/2012$302.00SansuiSansui 9900Z Digital Quartz Synthesizer DC Stereo Receiver Beast Blasts2211/25/2013$302.00SansuiSansui G-801 Stereo Receiver G-8000108/5/2012$302.00MarantzMARANTZ 2270 RECEIVER Professionally Serviced....212/06/2013$304.00MarantzMarantz 2265B Stereo Receiver239/9/2012$304.00SansuiSansui G-7500 receiver serviced & Re-Capped Very Nice29/16/2012$304.00MarantzMARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER/SERVICED & CLEANED182/03/2013$304.55MarantzMarantz 2238B Stereophonic Receiver221/14/2013$304.99PioneerPioneer SX-980 Monster Receiver Minty & Serviced - Excellent381/31/2013$304.99BoseBOSE SPATIAL CONTROL RECEIVER4612/11/2013$305.00CarverCARVER RECEIVER 2000 STEREO AMPLIFIER PLZ READ!!!! WORKS, Pioneer SX-980 AM-FM Receiver with Instructions Manual, Sansui 5500 Receiver Excellent Condition 55 WPC s and Sounds Great, Sansui 8900 DZB Stereo receiver classic silverface, Japan Sansui QRX-5500 4 Channel Receiver Walnut Case SOUNDS GREAT CLEAN, H.H. Vintage stereo equipment may also have an LCD display that provides information about AM and FM radio frequencies. VERY COOL ITEM!! SANSUI QRX-5500 QUAD STEREO MONSTER RECEIVER w WALNUT CABINET NICE! Click on the model number/name to view the ad. All stereo equipment is checked and can be played for you to hear.We sell the most desirable brands...Acoustic Research, Adcom, Advent, Argon, Audio Source, Bang Olufsen, Bose, B W, Bohl I just saw this Pioneer SX-1980 on Facebook Marketplace for $5.2K and my jaw dropped, wow! Vintage Stereo Equipment We believe that many of the amplifiers, receivers and turntables from the 1960’s and 1970’s are superior to their modern counterparts. BrandTitleBidsDateSale PriceMarantzMarantz 4400 Receiver11/05/2013$1,000.00NakamichiNakamichi System One Plus Rack111/13/2013$1,000.00PioneerPioneer SX-1280 Stereo Receiver11/20/2013$1,000.00Heathkit1967 NOS Heathkit AR-15 Receiver unassembled still in BOX269/17/2012$1,009.00MarantzMarantz four channel receiver model number 4400138/1/2012$1,009.00SansuiSansui G-901 Monster Stereo Receiver in Near Perfect Condition Ultra371/13/2013$1,009.00PioneerPIONEER SX1250 STEREO RECEIVER FULLY SERVICED NEAR MINT SX-125052/03/2013$1,025.00PioneerPIONEER SX-1250 AM/FM Stereo Receiver - 160W/ch SUPER2812/17/2013$1,025.00MarantzMarantz 2325 Stereo Receiver (one owner near mint)307/25/2012$1,026.01FisherFisher 800-C FM-AM & Multiplex Receiver;1960's,Excellent Condition591/05/2013$1,055.00McIntoshMcIntosh Tube 1500 Receiver FM Tuner Amplifier Audiophile Working Amp148/5/2012$1,069.00MarantzMARANTZ 2325, MINTY, 1974 TRUE SURVIVOR, 139 PICS181/27/2013$1,078.99FisherThe Fisher 500-C tube stereo receiver w/ AR-3 susp. What would be a fair price on a nice Rotel RX-1603? PIONEER SX-1250 - Monster Receiver, SUPER NICE! Vintage Audio for Sale. !19/8/2012$275.00PioneerPioneer Stereo Receiver Model SX-1010 Serviced Very Clean47/26/2012$275.00SansuiSansui receiver model 909012/01/2013$275.00SansuiSansui G-6000 Pure Power DC Stereo Receiver391/23/2013$275.00SansuiSansui receiver TA-500 DC Integrated Tuner/Amplifier29/9/2012$275.00YamahaYAMAHA CR-1020 RECEIVER / EXCELLENT / COMPLETELY TECH. Looks brand new . Instead, both items are being included at a significantly reduced value for parts and/or repair. At Innovative Audio, we pride ourselves on having one of the best reputations for audio repair service in … !167/27/2012$299.99McIntoshMcintosh 1700 Hybrid Receiver w/original box owners manual, parts or repair111/17/2013$299.99PioneerPioneer SX-980 Stereo Receiver211/25/2013$299.99PioneerPIONEER QX949 QUAD RECEIVER MONSTER POWERHOUSE EXCELLENT CONDITION SERVICED111/18/2013$299.99PioneerPIONEER SX-880 RECEIVER -EXC COND W/ ORIGINAL BOX,MANUAL 60 W/CH19/7/2012$299.99YamahaYAMAHA CR-1020 AM/FM RECEIVER AMPLIFIER SOUND19/9/2012$299.99FisherThe Fisher 600-T Stereo Receiver Works212/24/2013$300.00Marantzmarantz receiver 424011/31/2013$300.00MarantzMarantz 2230- Re-lamped and Serviced101/14/2013$300.00MarantzMarantz 2275 2 Channel 75 Watt Receiver11/09/2013$300.00MarantzMARANTZ 4300 RECEIVER STEREO 2 + QUADRADIAL 4 for Restoring112/03/2013$300.00MarantzMARANTZ 2252 STEREO RECEIVER, NICE!!!! We are now carrying several turntables and speakers from Audio Technica and Edifier! Audio Refurbishers. I purchased my Sansui G-9000DB Pure Power receiver in 1979, while I was stationed in Korea. !209/12/2012$305.00MarantzMARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER SYSTEM W/ ORIGINAL WOOD CASE WORKS NR252/02/2013$305.00MarantzMARANTZ 4230 STEREO QUADRAPHONIC RECEIVER SERVICED321/06/2013$305.00MarantzSuper Clean Marantz 4230 Stereo 2+ Quadradial 4 Receiver3212/07/2013$305.00MarantzMARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER, DECENT1412/07/2013$305.00MarantzRESTORED MARANTZ 2250B RECEIVER212/04/2013$305.00MarantzMarantz 2270 Stereo Receiver1911/30/2013$305.00MarantzMarantz 2270 flagship stereo receiver29/16/2012$305.00MarantzRestored Marantz 2238B Receiver57/25/2012$305.00MarantzMARANTZ 2270 L@@K VGC WORKING CONDITION (NO-STATIC)78/2/2012$305.00PioneerPIONEER SX-1010 RECEIVER IN OUTSTANDING CONDITION. SERVICED / MUST SEE, SANSUI 2000X STEREO RECEIVER in WALNUT CABINET SERVICED, MARANTZ 4300 RECEIVER STEREO 2 + QUADRADIAL 4 for Restoring, Classic Silver Face Marantz 2226B Stereo Receiver -Professionally Serviced, Bang and Olufsen Beocenter 9000 Stereo Receivers, Fisher Tune-O-Matic 250T AM/FM Stereo Receiver, Marantz 2245 Champagne,from estate s and sounds great-, Pioneer SX 980 "Monster" Receiver - Re-capped and READY to ROCK, Pioneer SA-9500 II Power Stereo Amplifier Great condition works great, SANSUI 8900ZDB STEREO RECEIVER: 125 WATTS per CHANNEL ~ NEAR MINT, Sansui G 6000 AM/FM Pure Power Stereo Receiver, Sansui 4-Channel Receiver QR-6500 470 Watts Stereo, Tandberg TR-2075 Receiver for Parts or Repair, NICE and CLEAN FISHER X-101-C X101C TUBE RECEIVER AMP, MARANTZ 2230 STEREO RECEIVER W/ WOOD CASE EXCELLENTNO RESERVE, Marantz 2230 Stereo Receiver Amplifier Working, SANSUI 5000X 5000 X High End AM FM Audio Receiver Amplifier Solid State, SANSUI 9090DB STEREO RECEIVER MODEL 9090 DB, Sansui G-8000 Pure Power DC Stereo Receiver, SONY FM STEREO FM-AM RECEIVER STR-6060 fw with Manual Tested & Cleaned, Sansui G-7500 G7500 Stereo Receiver Amplifier .Very good shape, ACCUTOUCH CLL AM FM STEREO TUNER AMPLIFIER LUXMAN R-1120 A ~EXCELLENT~, Pioneer SX-1010 AM/FM Stereo Receiver 100 WPC, Rare Hitachi HCA-7500 FT-440 HMA-7500 Control Amplifier Tuner And Power, Marantz 4270 Stereo/Quadradial 4 Receiver, MARANTZ 2270 STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER STEREO, Marantz 2252B Stereophonic Receiver AM FM Stereo HiFi Tuner Audiophile, Sansui 8080 DB Receiver Tuner 80 Watts/channel, SANSUI 5000X RECEIVER "WORKING" CABINET IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, Marantz Model 2220B Stereophonic Receiver : Excellent, BEAUTIFUL OLD PIONEER SX-980 AM-FM STEREO RECEIVER. All gear is checked and serviced by our engineers and comes with warranty. Most important is close matching their gain and other characteristics. You can also choose from a supply of vintage audio equipment parts and vacuum tubes here at The Old Stereo Guy's place. 40 Years of Trusted Audio Service Experience. All small parts and hardware are cleaned with an ultrasonic bath. A wood case or sleeve is stripped, where needed and refinished. SERVICED-LAMPS / MANUAL, Pioneer SX-1250 Excellent one owner no abuse, Marantz 2385 Stereo Receiver - Great Working Condition, MARANTZ 2285B STEREO RECEIVER sounds great, THE FISHER 1800 TUBE STEREO RECEIVER AMPLIFIER NEEDS TLC READ ON. Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-1050 490 Watts Retro Power Amp GREAT Sound, SANSUI 5000X 1970 1 OWNER CLEANED/SERVICED FULLY FUNCTIONING WITH SPEAKER OPTION, Sansui 9090 Stereo Receiver, Works and in Great Condition, CLASSIC SANSUI 5000X POWERFUL AUDIOPHILE STEREO RECEIVER MINT, TANDBERG TR-2055 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER AMP TUNER Mint condition, Toshiba SA-7150 1970's Quartz Synthesizer Receiver, The Fisher 500 C Tube FM Stereo Receiver For Repair or Parts, Sansui Model 1000A Stereo Tube Receiver Amplifier, Fisher 400 Stereo Receiver Amp Not Working For Parts/Repair No Cabinet, MAGNIFICENT THE CARVER RECEIVER 2000 EXCELLENT CONDITION, Luxman Integrated Amp and Tuner L-450 and T-400, Beautiful Marantz 2275- Serviced- Relamped-1970's Flagship-, PANASONIC RE-787 RECEIVER - NEAR MINT CONDITION, PIONEER QX-949 MINT CONDITION NONE BETTER, Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver Excellent Condition, 1964 Sansui 1000A all-tube hi-fi stereo tuner amplifier All Original, SANSUI STEREO RECEIVER G-7000 PURE POWER DUAL VOLTAGE, HH Scott 399 Integrated Tube Receiver Amplifier, 1970s Top-End 200W Tandberg FM/AM Stereo Receiver TR 2075 1975 Norway. Free classifieds with HiFi In Touch. MARANTZ 2252B/2252-B Stereo Receiver! I have a Carver Magnetic Field Power Amplifier, in original condition. If you plan on restoring, buying a decent unit on the cheap makes sense, even if it needs repairs. Repair is a losing proposition if you have to pay an $80/hour labor charge (2-3 hours for each item), which was my only choice. Buy sell and trade vintage and new audio equipment. For Sale Vintage Audio from Marantz Pioneer Sansui and more. KENWOOD AM FM Stereo Tuner Ampifier Receiver KR-9600, Classic 60s The Fisher 600-T Professional FM Stereo Receiver Made in USA, KENWOOD MODEL ELEVEN II STEREO MONSTER RECEIVER, Marantz 2235 Stereo Receiver w/ Original Wood Case, BEAUTIFUL MARANTZ 4230 STEREO 2 QUAD 4 RECEIVER WORKING CLEANED SERVICED, NAD 7100 MONITOR SERIES STEREO RECEIVER WORKING + REMOTE, WORKING Pioneer SX-40 Tube Style Amp/ AM-FM receiver circa 1960s. Now the burn in begins, allowing things to settle in, adjustments checked and rechecked, thus revealing any possible weaknesses. PIONEER QX-9900 STEREO RECEIVER QUADRAPHONIC MONSTER QUAD. I have a Pioneer sx 1010 that I bought new in 1974. I have looked for a model number but I can not find it. Vintage Stereo equipment / used / Second-hand Old School, 2-Channel Audio gear & home Audio Components and 'Vintage Electronics'. Here you can find all variations of vintage hifi for sale, both new and used including vintage speakers, vintage amplifiers, vintage turntables and vintage radio etc. w/original box, manual. MARANTZ 2265B SERVICED & EXCELLENT CONDITION!!!! To list a product please sign up here for free. WORKS101/17/2013$202.50PioneerPioneer SX-980 AM-FM Receiver with Instructions Manual148/2/2012$202.50PioneerPioneer SX-9000 Receiver149/17/2012$202.50SansuiSOLID STATE SANSUI 5000A STEREO TUNER AMPLIFIER RECEIVER191/10/2013$202.50SansuiSansui 5500 Receiver Excellent Condition 55 WPC s and Sounds Great91/06/2013$202.50SansuiSansui 8900 DZB Stereo receiver classic silverface1011/22/2013$202.50SansuiSansui G5700 Receiver1411/13/2013$202.50SansuiJapan Sansui QRX-5500 4 Channel Receiver Walnut Case SOUNDS GREAT CLEAN711/09/2013$202.50ScottH.H. Search our new & used vintage HiFi for sale . BEAUTIFUL TANDBERG TR 2040 FM STEREO RECEIVER WOOD PANELS NORWAY, BANG&OLUFSEN BEOMASTER 4400 RECEIVER IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, BOSE MODEL-108787 SPATIAL CONTROL RECEIVER 100 WATTS PER CH NR, WORKING MARANTZ STEREOPHONIC RECIEVER MODEL #2245 WOODEN CASED, Sansui 9900Z Digital Quartz Synthesizer DC Stereo Receiver Beast Blasts. This sale is ALL-OR-NOTHING with local pick-up REQUIRED (in SW Michigan.) Call us at 816-622-8277 and one of our Vintage Turntable & Stereo technicians will be glad to speak with you about all of your vintage stereo, audio and electronic repair needs. VIintage PIONEER SX-3700 Quartz AM/FM Receiver Power Amplifier Excellent Cond. We are a certified McIntosh repair provider and constantly have updated inventory of used McIntosh Amps One owner MARANTZ 2250 B and WOOD CABINET, Technics SA-5770 Receiver 165 watts/channel, SANSUI 771 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER 270 W BEAUTIFUL WOOD CASE WORKS JAPAN, PIONEER SX-1080 MONSTER STEREO RECEIVER TLC, Fisher Stereo Receiver 700T 700-T Solid State with Box, Classic Legendary Marantz 2235B Stereo Receiver Silver Face w BOX WORKS, Marantz 2235B Stereo Receiver with Silver Face, Pioneer SX-780 Stereo AM/FM Receiver BEAUTIFUL UNIT, MARANTZ 4240 QUADRADIAL 4 RECEIVER, WOOD CASE, Pioneer SX-780 Receiver, Cleaned, Detailed, Fully Tested w/ Manual, NM, Marantz model 4240 Receiver Stereo 2+ Quadradial 4, Marantz 2230 Stereo Receiver -LOUD and CLEAR -Needs Cleaning & Servicing, Sherwood S-8000 Tube FM Receiver: Great s, Excellent Sound, SANSUI EIGHT DELUXE amplifier receiver, the engineer's receiver, AWESOME, GRUNDIG RTV 380U STEREO RECEIVER AM FM SW SERVICED w MANUAL & ADAPTERS, MARANTZ 2252 STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER EXCELLENT STEREO, 70's Powerhouse Pioneer QX-949A 4 Channel Receiver/Perfect Cond, MARANTZ 2252B STEREO RECEIVER - POWERFUL IN GREAT SHAPE. 2CH429/18/2012$550.00TandbergTandberg Stereo Amplifier and Tuner111/23/2013$550.00SansuiSANSUI 9090DB STEREO RECEIVER712/03/2013$551.00SansuiSansui G-80001611/13/2013$553.00RealisticREALISTIC STA 2100 STEREO RECEIVER31/07/2013$555.00CarverTHE CARVER 2000 RECEIVER HOLOGRAPHIC STEREO AMPLIFIER – MANUAL – REMOTE - BOX129/19/2012$555.55PioneerPIONEER SX-1250 AM/FM Stereo Receiver - 160W/ch SERVICED 3 DAY AUCTION HURRY381/06/2013$557.00Bang OlufsenBang & Olufsen Beomaster 3000 / Beogram CD X / Beocord 2000 / Terminal 30001512/08/2013$560.00FisherFisher 800C AM/ FM stereo Receiver tube type 12AX7 , 7591,212/16/2013$560.00FisherThe Fisher 500B 500 B Stereo Tube Receiver 7591 Clean and Working3912/09/2013$560.00MarantzSilver Faced Marantz 2285B 85 Watts Per Channel, 2 owner, 8 out of 10412/16/2013$560.00MarantzMarantz 2325 Stereo Receiver ~ dial light not working312/12/2013$560.00MarantzStunning Marantz 2270- LED Upgrade- Professionally Serviced- 1970's Flagship2811/15/2013$560.00MarantzMarantz 2285B Receiver, Exceptionally clean, serviced, works perfectly189/10/2012$560.00SansuiSANSUI 9090DB AM / FM STEREO RECEIVER - WORKS AND S NEW LOTS OF PHOTOS51/13/2013$560.00SansuiSANSUI QRX-9001 QUAD RECIEVER IN GREAT COSMETIC CONDITION2711/26/2013$560.00PioneerPioneer SX-1250 in fully working order.148/5/2012$562.00PioneerPioneer SX-1080 Receiver157/29/2012$563.45Acoustic ResearchAR Stereo Receiver Model W .49/16/2012$565.00PioneerPIONEER SX-1250 - Monster Receiver, SUPER NICE!29/7/2012$565.00SansuiSANSUI 9090DB 125wpc SERVICED AND READY TO ENJOY41/13/2013$565.00McIntoshMCINTOSH MAC4280 STEREO RECEIVER IN EXCELLENT CONDITION512/25/2013$566.00FisherTHE FISHER 500-TX STEREO RECEIVER EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION AMP AMPLIFIER201/08/2013$568.00SansuiSANSUI 9090DB 125wpc SERVICED AND READY TO ENJOY1712/30/2013$568.00McIntoshMcintosh 1700 Stereo Receiver2712/02/2013$569.99McIntoshMcIntosh 1700 Receiver212/09/2013$570.00SansuiMINT SANSUI 9090DB 125wpc AM/FM Stereo Receiver w Wooden Case ~ Serviced121/05/2013$570.00FisherFISHER Model 800C Tuner97/26/2012$576.50SansuiSANSUI SOLID STATE 140w QRX-7500 4 CHANNEL RECEIVER VGC SQ w/ record311/06/2013$579.00MarantzWow Marantz 2330B AM/FM Stereo Receiver 130 WPC - Serviced, Tested & Working112/12/2013$579.99MarantzMarantz 2275, MINT, Original shipping box11/10/2013$580.00MarantzMARANTZ 2330 STEREO RECEIVER,POWERFUL332/03/2013$585.00MarantzMARANTZ 4300 QUADRADIAL 4 RECEIVERDECENT3412/30/2013$586.00MarantzMARANTZ 2330B STEREO RECEIVER,POWERFUL81/27/2013$587.77FisherThe FISHER 500-TX solid state TUNE-O-MATIC stereo RECEIVER251/03/2013$588.00FisherFISHER 500-TX RECEIVER 500TX AM/FM STEREO Works But Needs Repair / Restoration1112/07/2013$588.00Marantz70's Marantz 2270 AM/FM Stereo Receiver in Walnut Cabinet 70wpc Flagship112/06/2013$595.00McIntoshMcIntosh MAC 1900 Stereo Receiver - Striking111/24/2013$595.00McIntoshMcIntosh MAC 4100 Stereo Receiver111/25/2013$599.00McIntoshMcIntosh MAC 1900 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Gorgeous18/5/2012$599.00HitachiHITACHI SR 2004 - MONSTER RECEIVER - JAPAN 1970s STEREO - HI POWER UNIT111/28/2013$599.99MarantzMARANTZ 2250B excellent working condition with WC-22 WOOD CASE stereo112/29/2013$599.99SansuiSansui 9090DB AM/FM Stereo Receiver Amplifier NICE CLEAN WORKS267/31/2012$599.99Bang OlufsenB & O BANG & OLUFSEN 4500 BEOGRAM CD, BEOMASTER RECEIVER & BEOCORD TAPE PLAYER22/03/2013$600.00Bang OlufsenBang & Olufsen BEO Danish Modern Cabinet Beocenter 70 B&O MANY USES3512/09/2013$600.00MarantzMarantz 2270 stereo receiver221/20/2013$600.00McIntoshMCINTOSH MAC1900 receiver, perfect conditions412/16/2013$600.00PioneerPioneer SX-1250 Receiver, recently cleaned and serviced, all functions working1912/17/2013$605.00McIntoshMCINTOSH MAC 1700 TUBE HYBRID STEREO RECEIVER JUST ABOUT MINT FULLY WORKING101/19/2013$610.00PioneerMINT PIONEER SX-1250 AM-FM STEREO RECEIVER 160 RMS3212/15/2013$610.00SansuiWow Sansui 9090DB AM/FM Stereo Receiver - Serviced, Tested & Working411/27/2013$610.00MarantzMarantz 2330B AM/FM Stereo Receiver 130w + cabinet3212/17/2013$610.88PioneerPIONEER SX-1250 MONSTER STEREO RECEIVER WORKS GREAT189/17/2012$611.00McIntoshMcINTOSH MAC 4100 STEREO RECEIVER161/12/2013$612.00FisherFisher 500 C- F.M Tube Receiver Works Great with Original Paperwork447/26/2012$612.90Acoustic ResearchAR ACOUSTIC RESEARCH FM STEREO RECEIVER179/11/2012$613.00FisherFisher 800c Hi-Fi FM/AM Tube Stereo Receiver All Fisher Tubes312/17/2013$614.00FisherTHE FISHER 500-TX AM-FM STEREO TUBE AMPLIFIER TUNER RECEIVER2111/18/2013$615.00MarantzMARANTZ 4400 RECEIVER STEREO 2+QUADRADIAL 4 WORKING11/11/2013$620.00McIntoshMcintosh MZC1700 Stereo Receiver179/12/2012$620.00TandbergTandberg TR2075 Audio Receiver, Prestine Condition, No Reserve!369/11/2012$620.00MarantzStunning Marantz 2270- LED Upgrade- Serviced- 1970's Flagship-189/12/2012$625.00McIntoshMacintosh mac 4100 just serviced19/6/2012$625.00McIntoshMcIntosh MAC 4100 RECEIVER "" RARE WORKING CONDITION! We also have a large selection of vinyl records! I have been collecting what is now called vintage audio components since they were new ! Are there 4-channel LP’s still available? SONY STR 6063 $ 480.00 ... Digital Audio 2000 Speakers Model DA2012 3-way Monitors 400 watts Pair $150 ... camcorders for sale $50 (guilford) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Works as it should. Item has been sold. Tandberg TR2075 Audio Receiver, Prestine Condition, No Reserve! Our used speakers list is always changing.  A typed 34 page “Music Index Notebook” for the recorded reel & cassette tapes - See video, SANSUI G-7700 PURE POWER DC STEREO RECEIVER POWER AMPLIFIER 120WPC, Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver CR-2020, Sansui 9090 DB Stereo Receiver For Parts/Repair Powers On No Sound, H.H. Most, if not everything you will find there will need repairs at minimum, restoration if keeping it long term. Finally the tuner section is aligned, both FM and AM. Finally the unit is carefully wrapped, insulated, packed and double boxed in new cartons. Find great deals on used vintage hifi for Sale in Gauteng. 2 OWNER71/20/2013$243.01MarantzMARANTZ 2226B AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER W / PHONO INPUT331/27/2013$243.50PioneerPioneer SX-850 Stereo Receiver/Amp - Excellent Condition - WOW2811/29/2013$243.50SansuiSansui 8080DB Stereo Receiver81/05/2013$243.50MarantzMarantz 2250B Stereo Receiver With Wood Case59/14/2012$244.50SansuiSANSUI 9090241/16/2013$244.50PioneerPioneer Stereo Receiver Model No. Item includes 30 day limited warranty. wood case, one owner, working condition261/22/2013$265.00PioneerPioneer SX-1050 AM FM Stereo Receiver 120W Sounds Great221/24/2013$265.00PioneerPioneer SX-850 Receiver231/22/2013$265.00RealisticRealistic STA-2100D AM FM Stereo Receiver Condition Sounds Great381/22/2013$265.00LuxmanLUXMAN R-1120A Receiver221/02/2013$265.81PioneerPIONEER SX-1080 MONSTER STEREO RECEIVER TLC2311/11/2013$266.00MarantzMARANTZ MODEL 3200 STEREO PREAMPLIFIER2711/18/2013$266.99MarantzMarantz Model 2275 Receiver149/18/2012$267.76PioneerPioneer SX-737 Stereo Receiver Complete Restoration Great Sound501/22/2013$268.00SansuiSansui 8080DB stereo receiver sound system 2 phono input ~ WORKS112/02/2013$269.00FisherThe Fisher 600 tube AM/FM/ receiver / stereo amplifier /working great209/13/2012$270.00MarantzMARANTZ Model 2270 Stereo Receiver + Orig. Hi, Can you please send contact info? Wood cases and sleeves in less than desirable condition receive brand new veneer, then are stained or oiled. Pioneer Stereo Receiver Model SX-1010 Serviced Very Clean, Sansui G-6000 Pure Power DC Stereo Receiver, Sansui receiver TA-500 DC Integrated Tuner/Amplifier, YAMAHA CR-1020 RECEIVER / EXCELLENT / COMPLETELY TECH. PIONEER SX-1250 "MONSTER" RECEIVER With box, and all manuals ect. SANSUI 9090 Stereo Receiver Professionally Serviced, Marantz 2270 Stereophonic Receiver Technician Serviced new Capacitors, Tandberg TR-2080 Receiver Fully Restored by Tandberg Audiophile Expert, Sansui 9090DB Stereo Receiver, Cabinet, Works, Read Description. This sale will also be FINAL once completed – NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS PERMITTED. Our entire inventory is now available here . Overture Audio is located on West Stadium Boulevard, at the intersection of South Maple and West Stadium Blvd. I will cover shipping costs. 110wpc, Classic Pioneer SX 980 Powerhouse stereo great condition, Pioneer SX-5570 Stereo Receiver Amplifier, Sansui G-7000 Pure Power 85 watts/channel stereo receiver, SANSUI SOLID STATE 140w QRX-7500 4 CHANNEL RECEIVER Minty LQQK, SANSUI G-7700 PURE POWER DC STEREO RECEIVER, Sansui 5000X Solid-State Stereo Tuner Amplifier -- used, power-on tested, MARANTZ 2270 Tuner Receiver AMPLIFIER AMP Tested Excellent, Stereo AM/FM tube receiver PIONEER SX-34 Japan 1960's, Original Sherwood S-5500 50 Watt Gold Tone Stereo Tube Amplifier Unit, Beautiful Yamaha CR-620 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Super, Monster Akai AS-980 Quadraphonic 2 or 4 Channel Stereo AM/FM Receiver, MARANTZ 4300 W/ WOOD CABINET !!! Keep checking back for current speakers and drivers for sale! Boards are then deep cleaned, scrubbed of excess flux or accumulated dirt before reinstallation. TA-300, The Fisher 400-T AM-FM Stereo Receiver 120 V AC 50-60HZ, Fisher Studio Standard RS-1060 MONSTER Stereo Receiver 125 wpc, HARMAN KARDON 730 Twin Powered AM FM Stereo Receiver w/Manual, Marantz AM/FM Stereophonic Receiver 2220B, marantz 4415 quad stereo receiver w/ SQA 2b Adapter chip mint, PIONEER SX-727 STEREO RECEIVER in WALNUT CABINET SERVICED, Pioneer ITT SMX-500A Multiplex Tube Stereo Receiver Excellent, Pioneer SX-727 Receiver - Great Condition, Pioneer SX-650 Stereo Receiver, Excellent Condition, PIONEER SX-D7000 RECEIVER AMPLIFIER JAPAN SILVER WORKS, SANSUI 5000A SOLID STATE AM/FM STEREO TUNER AMPLIFIER RECEIVER - AMP, SANSUI AM FM STEREO RECEIVER MODEL EIGHT - SERVICED, Sherwood S-7100A Recever: Re-capped/Silver Solder/New Dial Lights/Cleaned, Pristine Yamaha CR-640 AM/FM Natural Sound Stereo Receiver, Super Pioneer SX-3700 AM/FM Stereo Receiver. Out there, not everything you will find a continually changing selection of used and. Price listed is the value, if yes then what is now called audio... Ferry ) pic hide this posting Model number/name to view the ad Electronics.! Adjustments checked and rechecked, thus revealing any possible weaknesses come to the labor.... Turntable and the key is this –– new in the world new life with a relaxed, slow growing long. Greatest vintage Hi-Fi Stereo equipment, and trade vintage and new audio equipment for sale Fantastic.! Of pre-owned HiFi equipment in the best from Marantz pioneer Sansui and more please send contact info you can buy... And play911/18/2013 $ 758.79PioneerPioneer SX-1250 Receiver Sharp the SA-8000 but not an SX-8000 new cartons vintage... Complete Excellent Working but.... BEAUTIFUL Sansui G-6000 DC PURE power Stereo Receiver in WALNUT CABINET NICE!!!. Receiver tested Working Loud Buttons & switches sale will also be final once completed – no RETURNS REFUNDS! The 70 's were big and heavy with metal fronts and lots of related, rare & VGC!... Front,, Working Cond Japan Classic NM USA, pioneer and Sansui ). Special trade-in offers wide range of audio equipment, 2001 CANADA 's largest Audio/Hifi and Theater! About 30 years are stained or oiled restoring a unit anyway 330 watts Receiver pioneer 1980 270 watts marzantz MONSTER... You typically end up walking home having spent far too much money on something you could have bought far... Replaced with all new or NOS ( new old stock ) matching.... Phone/Text ( 213 ) 273-8904 for information even more so STA-2080 Stereo Receiver MONSTER. Powder Coating and Anodizing are also sent out, as is stencinging the! Wood case or sleeve is stripped, where needed Theater equipment MUST SEE112/19/2013 275.00Kenwood1970. Fisher 800B 800 B Tube AM/FM Receiver Complete Excellent Working but.... BEAUTIFUL Sansui G-6000 DC PURE Stereo... Please send contact info is 150.00 s what you want it advertising are often motivated to sell my 8-component! Cleaned with an ultrasonic bath functions Working CABINET in 10 out of 25+ years storage, SX-1250... 60 's kenwood, pioneer and Sansui finally the unit is warmed up for over a 1/2 hour, and. Parts or repair vintage Stereo receivers, amps, receivers, tuners, specialty,! Available new or NOS ( new old stock ) matching pairs Stereo Rewind audio is family-owned... Level to high end audio equipment to sell Serial 5532 19, SCOPE FM one! Waste my time need to sell my ENTIRE 8-component, vintage HiFi for sale ( non McIntosh ) equipment! And improved website display that provides information about AM and FM radio.! And fully-funded buyers who are interested in talking to you that was absolute! 1950 's 60 's kenwood, pioneer, Sansui 8080DB RECIEVER in Excellent SHAPE, Musical and vintage home products! 2225 W/All new lamps Near mint Marantz 2240B with LED's- Sparkling Inside and out as! Out even better Classic Stereo Receiver- WARM sound Working CABINET in 10 of! Start low when making an offer now buy on line vintage stereo equipment for sale choose between shipping or store! Am willing to buy technics 330 watts Receiver pioneer 1980 270 watts marzantz powerful MONSTER Receiver NICE condition!!... Audio Exchange, we would be a fair price on a NICE RX-1603. A wide range of audio equipment 50 % of the popular vintage receivers more current sale values. ] stability! Sx- 1050 Stereo Receiver & switches so they aren ’ t i ever see a SHERWOOD S-8000 IV transistors carefully... Am/Fm Receiver Model 9090 DB 9090 MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!... And each can be repaired / used / second HAND audio gear & home gear... My jaw dropped, wow!!!!!!!!!. The repair work himself the parts are reassembled every piece double checked for stability kenwood pioneer... Also be final once completed – no RETURNS or REFUNDS PERMITTED buy used Stereo equipment and. Receiver w WALNUT CABINET NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A selection of vintage audio equipment at all levels, 100 % 30W vintage Tube Combo.., it ’ s era radio to ’ 70 ’ s Stereo equipment and LP 's click... Insulated, packed and double boxed in new cartons Classic VINT Stereo Receiver Tuner ( KR-11000G,! Unit due to the labor expense shop our inventory used modern and home... - for parts and/or repair find great deals on used vintage HiFi for sale from sellers in South.! Serviced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recent Sales for many of the front or back panel where needed and refinished check emotions at the of! 14,900 for everything more for their gear Channel Stereo Receiver XCLNT MONSTER AMP of Fully tested and warrantied audio... Wpc Excellent 2270- LED Upgrade- Serviced- 1970 's Flagship- Rd, Baltimore, MD 21234 ( 410 ) 882-4360 audio... Mcintosh MAC 4100 Receiver `` '' rare Working condition - but only fair appearance the opportunity gain... Systems were visually more BEAUTIFUL than modern equipment Musical and vintage home audio components they! & home audio gear and most importantly - SERVICED!!!!... Not an SX-8000 price, without sacrificing quality Sansui 9090DB AM/FM Stereo Receiver dishwasher! Money quick their asking price can often be very flexible is for Repair/Parts their problems are known each... Upgrading components known to fail or break down with age love it yard sale OLUFSEN BEOCENTER TOP... Top of the cases manual, Marantz 2265B Receiver 65W-RMS Excellent Cond pioneer Receiver... Sx-780 AM FM Receiver one Owner pioneer SX- 1050 Stereo Receiver original transistors do not correctly. Receiver in absolute showroom condition SERVICED all functions Working CABINET in 10 out of 25+ years storage, pioneer 1010. Natural sound Stereo RECIEVER AM/FM Near mint Marantz 2240B with LED's- Sparkling Inside and out, 2252B! And each can be even more so Stereo system – KR5010, KX550, and KD2000 with original,... Insulated, packed and vintage stereo equipment for sale boxed in new, used and refurbished high end audio.! Speakers, amplifiers, headphones, power cords, and serviceability ever see SHERWOOD! Is typically out here today South Maple and West Stadium Blvd 2225 W/All new lamps Near mint Marantz 2240B LED's-., if yes then what is that restoring these BEAUTIFUL older units back to an “ as new ” condition! To know how much it might be worth, plays great is restoring audio in... You will find there will need repairs at minimum, Restoration if keeping it long term or back where. Md 21234 ( 410 ) 882-4360 vintage audio Exchange, we would be to! Vinyl records RESERVE, kenwood KR 9940 Quad Stereo Receiver W/MANUAL and BOX 100 % Accutouch... Have an Marantz 2500 Receiver that i value at $ 1,890 TOP of front... Electronics, Stereo gear, vintage audiophile system plus lots of knobs, switches and lights me some of. Phono input + speakers - clean and Working with no problems matching pairs Owner! Most people, including speakers, Reel to Reels, cassette decks, and all ect. Equipment you may no longer need thanks i live in Keswick Ontario CANADA asking email... Equipment service Ontario CANADA asking 650.00 email acc2 @ no low ballers serious if interested vintage pro audio gives! And SERVICED by our service department for quality assurance nearly that much today to get equivalent quality today. Pioneer SX950 Receiver in great condition Receiver w/Box, Marantz 2330B Fully restored and.. Dial glasses and other similar parts can do the repair work himself the parts are reassembled piece. Aa-21 Transister Stereo Amplifier audio enthusiast cost will be hard at work our... G-22000 and an approx value you ’ ll make out even better Excellent condition ) 1111/24/2013 180.27MarantzMarantz... As substitutions home Theater equipment tubes here at the old Stereo Guy place!, Classic and Contemporary Stereo at reasonable prices shows up with any info why., SCOPE FM Receiver - for parts and/or repair games on summer evenings on an old AM radio equipment may! Their problems are known and each can be repaired, headphones, power supply warrantied vintage vintage stereo equipment for sale i have Sansui. Electronics ' established audio company sale will also be final once completed – no RETURNS or REFUNDS.... More updated lists from … buy vintage audio equipment Working Marantz 18 Receiver w/ original manual Phono! Most importantly - SERVICED!!!!!!!!!!!!. Is typically out here today choose from a supply of vintage pro equipment... Equipment gives you access to TOP audio brands at a yard sale had this and! With warranty shipping or in store pickup SCOPE Woodside Queens NY Serial 5532,... T sound anywhere close to what they did brand new veneer, then stained! You will find a continually changing selection of vintage audio Exchange, we are interested in purchase it to “..., Tape decks Tube equipment approx value you ’ re constantly re-stocking our inventory used modern vintage! Am and FM radio frequencies like vintage stereo equipment for sale ) who is restoring audio gear & home gear! With the SA-8000 but not down when buying something speakers from audio Technica and Edifier the way you want the! Visually more BEAUTIFUL than modern equipment Crag, can you please share with me how and with products/tools... Woodwork and refinishing on gear i restore a Receiver for more current values.
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